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crêpe CAKES

Our award winning 20 layers of hand crafted crêpes, nestled between pillowy layers of:

Lemon Meringue
layers of creamy, fresh lemon mousse topped with a toasted layer of fresh meringue

choconutty cake 3
Choco Nutty

Chocolate Hazelnut
layers of chocolate-hazelnut mousse prepared with our house-made “nut-cho-tella”, topped with a silken chocolate ganache & a sprinkling of coarse sugar

Choco Nutty
layers of our all-natural peanut butter & chocolate hazelnut mousse, topped with a silken chocolate ganache & toasted peanuts

Black & White
20 alternating layers of crêpes and cream cheese mousse topped with a thick layer of dark chocolate ganache and mini-white chocolate chips

Pumpkin Spice

Pumpkin Spice
20 layers of our autumn spiced pumpkin mousse & sweet crêpes, topped with silken chocolate ganache & pumpkin praline

Strawberry Lavender
layers of sweet delicate crêpes filled with our Strawberry Lavender Mousse

Our hand crafted crêpe cakes are available in two sizes:
8”   round  (serves 10-12)     $45.ºº
10”  round  (serves 16-20)    $60.ºº

  • Gluten free crêpe cakes available upon request for $5 surcharge.
  • 48 hour advance notice needed for all orders
  • A deposit of 50% is required for all orders
  • notice that ingredients and/or equipment may have come in to contact with nuts, milk &/OR Wheat products.

“Celebration” Crepe Cakes
Our multi-layered crêpe cake becomes a show-stopping dessert perfect for special celebrations!
Each cake is custom-designed with tender sweet crêpes layered with your choice of fluffy house-made mousse.
Each cake is custom finished with beautifully arranged organic, edible fresh flowers, fruits and herbs.

Flavor options include:
Chocolate Hazelnut, Strawberry Lavender, Orange Blossom, Rose Water Raspberry, Lemon and Mint Verbena.

Please contact us for further information on our “Celebration” Cakes

Click here for Cake Order Form. Print and complete Order Form. Scan and email completed Order Form to catering@jammincrepes.com



A seasonal assortment of our freshly baked signature pastries. Choose up to three varieties to be artfully arranged and ready for the buffet or office.

jam filled muffinJam-filled Muffins
freshly baked tender muffins filled with an assortment of our micro-batch jams with a pecan crumb topping

Oatmeal Currant Scones
Flaky oatmeal scones paired with a selection of our seasonal jams & lemon curd

Chocolate Nut Crepe Rolls
Sweet, tender crepes filled with our own NutChoTella, rolled into bite-sized treats

gluten free muffin platterSeasonal Gluten-free Muffins flavors include:

  • Sweet Potato Cranberry
  • Pumpkin Raisin
  • Banana Chocolate Chunk
  • Apple Spice

Platter of 1 dozen assorted pastries     (serves 8-10)            $ 30
Platter of 2 dozen assorted pastries    (serves 15-20)          $ 60
Platter of 3 dozen assorted pastries    (serves 25-30)         $ 80

yogurt parfait2Individual Yogurt Parfaits       $ 4.50 per person 
Layers of all-natural creamy plain yogurt combined with a
seasonal house jam and our Honey Almond Granola

Seasonal Fruit Platter       small (serves 10-12)  $ 42  /  large (serves 15-20)  $ 75

Coffee & Artisan Teas       (Small world  coffee  /  Harney & Son’s fine teas) 
Coffee insulated “to go” box                   (serves 12)      $ 35    decaf  $ 37

Hot water insulated “to go” box             (serves 12)     $ 25
& assortment of artisan teas


Savory crêpe Wrap platters & more

An artfully arranged selection of wrap-style sandwiches prepared with our tender whole-grain crepes packed with farm-fresh seasonal ingredients. Choose up to three varieties from the list of rolled crepe sandwiches below.  Ideal for casual parties, office meetings and conferences.

Tray of Wraps 2Crêpe Wrap Platters (Available Gluten free*)

  • Black Forest Ham & Brie with mustard aioli, veggie pickles & fresh greens
  • Oven-dried BLT w/fresh goat cheese
  • Jersey Sweet Potato Hummus, house veggie pickles, shredded carrots & baby spinach
  • Smoked turkey, Brie, Raspberry Chipotle Sauce & fresh baby arugula
  • P.B & Bacon & Apple with fresh baby arugula

Small/Platter of 10 Crêpe Wraps       (feeds 8-10)      $  55         
Medium/Platter of 20 Crêpe Wraps   (feeds 15-20)    $ 110
Large/Platter of 30 Crêpe Wraps       (feeds 25-30)   $ 165

* for gluten free  / add $.75 per wrap

kale & sungold salad 3Side Salads:

  • Broccoli Slaw
  • Beet, Kale & Goat Cheese w/maple glazed walnuts
  • Roasted Apple, Kale & Blue Cheese w/maple glazed walnuts
  • Wheatberry Waldorf
  • House Green Salad w/seasonal pickled veggies

varieties change with seasons
$ 4 per person

Platter of Cookies (See “Cookies & Pastries”)


Sweet crêpe platter

A classic study break choice. Choose from an assortment of our popular sweet crepes. Crepes can be individually wrapped and placed in our signature crepe cones for eating out-of-hand or arranged on a platter for fork & knife service,

sweet crepe platterApple Toasty
browned butter & cinnamon sugar w/our spiced orchard apples

our own blend of roasted hazelnuts & almonds ground into a creamy chocolate spread

our “Nut-Cho-Tella” combined with a seasonal house jam

Orchard Lemon
our micro-batch of lemons and local orchard apples cooked into a sweet & tangy lemon curd

The Wyatt
browned butter & cinnamon sugar w/our “Nut-Cho-Tella”

our signature sweet crepe filled with a seasonal house jam

P B & Jam
our house made creamy all-natural peanut butter paired with a seasonal house jam

Small/Platter of 15 Crepes          (feeds 15)      $ 67.50
Medium/Platter of 30 Crepes       (feeds 30)     $ 135


Cookies & pastries

Tray of Cookies 2Get your jam on . . .
. . .  With a platter of our jammin’ good house-baked pastries & Cookies
Choose three from the following  assortment:

P B & Jam Bars
Tender peanut butter cookie bars filled with our seasonal micro-batch jams

Happy Trails Cookies
Gluten free & vegan trail mix cookies with dried cherries, chocolate chips & pumpkin seeds

“Giant Thumbprint” Cookies
our classic shortbread cookie rolled in almonds and filled with a selection of our seasonal micro-batch jams

Thumbprint Cookies with JamDouble Chocolate Espresso
A dark chocolate brownie-like cookie with a rich espresso flavor

Cherry Chocolate Chip
A classic chocolate chip cookie enriched with dried sour cherries

White Chocolate Cranberry Oatmeal
A classic oatmeal cookie packed with white chocolate chips and dried cranberries

Small/Platter of 12 assorted  treats         (feeds 8-10)                       $ 25
Medium/Platter of 24 assorted treats      (feeds 15-20)                     $ 49
Large/platter of 36 assorted treats          (feeds 25-30)                    $ 74


Contact us today at catering@jammincrepes.com, or 609-924-5387

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